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The Transport Canada approved Buffalo Airways AMO is fully licensed to perform all routine aircraft maintenance and repairs. In addition, Buffalo Airways has an AMO for Structures. Our AMO staff of 50 allows us to supply unparalleled support to our entire fleet.

Spares Inventory

A massive spares inventory is kept on hand at all times for all aircraft and equipment. From individual components to full QECs (Quick Exchange Components), Buffalo Airways can quickly meet any maintenance requirement.


AMEs and Heavy support aircraft are on standby for immediate dispatch for any servicing requirements, regardless of location.

Popular Aviation Conversions

To Convert Into Multiply By
Centimetres Inches .394
Feet Metres .305
U.S. Gallons Litres 3.785
Imperial Gallons U.S. Gallons 1.201
Imperial Gallons Litres 4.546
Inches Centimetres 2.540
Inches Hg. Lbs sq. in. .490
Kg / Litre Lbs / Imp. Gallon 10.023
Kg / Litre Lbs / U.S. Gallon 8.333
Kilograms Pounds 2.205
Kilometres Statute Miles .621
Kilometres Nautical Miles .540
Lbs / Imp. Gallon Kg / Litre .0998
Lbs / U.S. Gallon Kg / Litre .120
Lbs sq. in. Inches Hg. 2.040
Litres U.S. Gallons .264
Litres Imperial Gallons .220
Metres Feet 3.281
Nautical Miles Kilometres 1.852
Nautical Miles Statute Miles 1.152
Pounds Kilograms .454
Statute Miles Kilometres 1.609
Statute Miles Nautical Miles .868
U.S. Gallons Imperial Gallons .833